10 day Sumatra Jungle Adventure
we go from the hotel at 9: am and after that we go to mount lauser national park, our program will take you into a very thick forest, and we will bring you a special place for drinking water of animals ,if we are lucky we will see deer, elephants, tigers and many other animals that will come to this place.

Backpack ,Mosquito repellant,Clothing wear long Pants (to protect against scratches and bites). Shorts T-shirts Close, Shoes, Camera Extra batteries And Memory Card, Rain Coat, flip flops, headlamp, toothbrush/ toothpaste, toilet paper,one or two set of long/lightweight clothes for sleeping, extra plastic bags for garbage and wet clothes,basic personal medical kit & prescriptions, swimwear, rain cover for backpack.

Trek cost 
500 euro/person