my name is ika i am the OWNER or manager orangutan adventure i lstay in medan north sumatra
ika is the person like to talk & imformative so whatever you like to ask jast ask all of the imformation with me  feel free too

The quality and skills of its teams is important for our company to ensure that the needs and aspirations of its guests and tourists are well catered for. In this regard the Company has developed and is implementing a company Guide training and accreditation system for all its Guides.
 International teams who work with us in specialist fields such as birding and art tours. These guides have a proven track record of taking tours all over of Sumatra.


my name is Edi 
wos bron in the small villages of bukit lawang,working as a guide for more than 15 year ,i love animals ,i love wildlife and i care ebout nature.
edi has built up a wealth of travel imformation and trusted   ,so whether you  a ineed a car booked,want some travel information,advice on what jungle trekking is best for you
or tailored for you

my name is
candra  i  am bron and growing up in bukit lawang
  and i am a licensed guide in the gunung leuser national prak in bukit lawang  sumatra, my possion is to show our wonderfull jungle to everyone.  who interested in the wildlife and animals and impressive flora and fauna ,
our jungle famous to see orangutan in their natural habitat of nature candra is work more than 15 years as be a guide  and bring lot of people from other country,let join with us to save wildlfe  ,nature ,forets,animals,
  candra will show amazing place  the hidden paradise of sumatra jungle & he is very good playing card magic trick at campsite in the jungle,funny person & always like to laughing & humoris


my name is marwan was bron  in bukit lawang and spend his whole life here,he knows Bukit lawang and gunung leuser national prak very well and  has more than 15 years
experience jungle trekking as a tourist guide.
he know Bukit lawang  and the environment as well as almost each of the jungle trekking guide in Bukit lawang,he love his home and his jungle, spending a lot of time in the jungle and nature and watching animals& birds & fauna
his funny person & he will share beatifull flora and fauna and wildlife